Welcome Back, Kristen..? 😅 More Like Where Have You Been, Kristen!!!

…..WHERE HAVE I BEEN??? It’s been six months since I have posted. SIX MONTHS. 🙃 BRUH. I really didn’t mean to leave y’all hanging. So for the few people whom actually follow this blog, 😅 lemme fill y’all in a little bit… So… I’m not majoring in Elementary Education anymore.. If y’all wanna know more about that,Read more

Don’t Settle: Find Happiness

A big problem I have is not wanting to be alone. I’m sure some of you reading this feel the same way… We want to have someone by our side so badly that we sometimes don’t care who it is. Therein lies the problem. We need to care! We need to make sure we are datingRead more


If you have read some of my other posts you might have seen where I said I was having to take four math classes. 🙄 This includes: a course on the content children learn and how to do it two methods classes and a class where I actually go to a school and teach mathRead more

Future Teacher in the Making!

A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart. -Unknown   Have I told y’all how excited I am to be a teacher??? 😁 Like, I am super ecstatic! ….to have my own classroom and get to decorate it, to meet new little kids and fall in love with most of them (itRead more

Why Am I Like This?

Do you ever wonder why you do the things you do? Because I definitely do… Like, why do I put myself through unnecessary stress? Why am I interested in people who don’t care about me the way I care about them? Why do I push away the ones that do truly care for me? I will neverRead more

Friends Wanted!

Being a new blogger is hard. 🙄 I want to have blogger buddies!!! Anyone interested in applying for the position? 😅 I comment on blog posts that I like all of the time and some of them never even respond… 🤔 Like… Can’t you see I’m trying to be your friend??? 🙃 LOVE ME!!! 😂😂😂 Okay,Read more

FINDING BALANCE: College, Working, Being a Mom, AND Having a SOCIAL LIFE?

Long title, I know, but an important message! Sometimes life can be really tough. ESPECIALLY when you have a lot of responsibilities. For me, this includes going to college five days a week, working at least 4 days a week, spending time with & caring for my daughter, & TRYING to find time to hangRead more

…Winter is Coming!

Christmas! 🎅🏻 MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE HOLIDAY! But, honestly, to me, Christmas is so much more than a holiday. It’s basically the whole end of the year–the day after Thanksgiving 🦃 until January 1st. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! Festive lights & cute decorations Coziness of warm, soft blankets (This is very Christmassy!) OOOO!!! Don’t forget the fuzzy socks (I linkedRead more

Living with Anxiety

Ahh, anxiety, my old, not so good friend. The only thing good I can say about you is that you’ve always been there for me.   Hey, guys! Today I’m going to briefly talk about my experience with anxiety. Being the person that I am and thinking the way that I do makes it hard toRead more

5 Tips On How to Start Your Quarter/Semester Off Right!

  In this world there are things that we just must do to help ourselves be successful in life, one of which is going to college. It can be a very stressful time! I have experienced this firsthand. *eye roll* So, to help you, and myself, stay motivated I have come up with some tipsRead more