5 Tips On How to Start Your Quarter/Semester Off Right!


In this world there are things that we just must do to help ourselves be successful in life, one of which is going to college. It can be a very stressful time! I have experienced this firsthand. *eye roll*

So, to help you, and myself, stay motivated I have come up with some tips to help us start our new classes right and help us earn some good grades! So let’s get started!!!

1. Stay Organized!

Easier said than done, am I right? This is where I struggle the most! Like, I LOVE to have things organized, the look, the AMAZING feeling it gives you, that sense of accomplishment… but for some reason I have trouble maintaining this organization! I can’t be the only one who feels this way, can I? Make sure you keep your room/dorm clean! That’s a big one. If you have a nice, clean area to work in, it helps you want to keep it that way and, I’ve found, makes you want to be more productive! Organization is the key to everything. It makes college easier, it makes you look like you’ve got it all together.. even though most of us DO NOT. I know I don’t. Haha. But most importantly, it helps you get YOUR LIFE TOGETHER! 🙂



This probably should be number one on the list…This is such a lifesaver when it comes to college and keeping your life together! Write everything in this! Important dates: exam dates, when homework is due, etc., should be written. I am still working on figuring out a planning system that works for me, but once I figure it out I will share it with you in another post! But for now, I can tell you that you need to do get one if don’t already have one. Check it DAILY! I repeat, DAILY! You will most likely forget something if not. Even those of us with the best memories forget something every now and then. College is not the place for that. You can easily drop a letter grade by forgetting a few assignments or forgetting to study for your test. No matter how good of a memory you have/think you have, you WILL forget things. So having a planner to write these things in is the easiest way to make sure you get everything done.  This is where I fail the most. Last quarter I did not check my planner everyday because I thought I remembered when something was due… It resulted in me missing two very important assignments, one that I had already done, but I did not get to turn in. Dropped me a WHOLE letter grade. So MAKE SURE you get a planner that will work for you, and REFER TO IT OFTEN! Here is a link to the one I am currently using. I do like the Erin Condren. They are just kind of expensive… (***This is an affiliate link, so if you purchase from this link I could make a small commission! But I do highly recommend this product. It is cheap, durable, and comes with FREE STICKERS! Who doesn’t love those?***)



3. Get in a routine!

Having a morning/nightly routine will help you! It will help you wake up in the morning and help you sleep at night. If you are awake in the morning you will do better paying attention in your classes. If you are able to go to sleep easier at night you will be productive the next day. It’s very simple, but a lot of people do not do this. I still do not completely do this, but I am working on it. It will definitely help to relieve some stress as well, knowing you have something you do everyday. Like, sometimes life can be too much, but you know you have your routine to at least feel like you have some control when you feel as though you have none. Still working on mine, but once I figure it out I will make a post, so be on the look out! 😉



4. Focus on things you enjoy outside of school!

Find other things you enjoy that make you feel happy and relaxed. For me that would be: watching Netflix, playing with my daughter, playing with makeup, checking out social media, and now blogging! If you focus all of your attention on school it will mess you up. You will become consumed and everything will just feel overwhelming. You have to have other things to do. This will help you relax, destress, and unwind. 🙂 Seems like this is a no brainer, but some of us get so consumed with school we forget to have a life. I know that is me. I have school, work, and a baby to raise. A lot of the time I don’t make room for the extra stuff. But, let me tell you, it is a NECESSITY!




The easiest way I have found to do this, is to follow the steps above! Being organized, planning your life, getting into a daily routine, and focusing on things you enjoy and it will help you stay stress-free. Of course, this will not always work. There will be times when you are still stressed anyway, but at least these things will help. Being stressed will WRECK you in college! Been there, done that. I have mentioned in a previous post that I am going through a divorce, and believe me, that took a toll last quarter. So find ways to not be so stressed out and you will do better in school!



Hope you enjoyed these tips!

What are some tips you have for starting off your semester right?

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