Junior Year of College, and I’m DYING!!!

Okay, so, if you know me, which most of you don’t, at least not yet.. you know that I always get good grades… Well, not last quarter… Omg, guys. I cannot even begin to express how disappointed I was in myself. I mean, let’s be real, I am going through a divorce, raising a one-year-old, AND working, so I guess it’s kind of understandable, BUT!!!! Not acceptable!

I am stepping my game up this quarter. It starts tomorrow, and I am nervous. So nervous. I usually only go–let me back up… So, I commute to school, it is about 45 minutes away. So that’s an hour and a half of drive time… More importantly an hour and a half worth of GAS MONEY. πŸ™„Β I usually only go two, maybe three days a week, but not this time. I have to go EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. This will be the death of me. “The horror! The horror!”

How will I survive? I have been reading endless Pinterest posts and blogs from everywhere and everyone trying to find ways to get organized and wake up early and just be overall SUCCESSFUL! Hopefully some of the tips I have found will help me. Haha.

OH! To top everything off, I have to take four, yes you heard that right, FOUR MATH CLASSES!

child-and-schoolHow did this happen? Let’s just say it had to happen for me to graduate on time.

I want to be an elementary teacher, and I’m good at math so this shouldn’t be too hard… But you can never tell with college. Haha. I’m sure some of you reading this understand the struggle.

This will all be worth it, though. Once I have that lovely degree in hand, and my career. Ahhhh. Those will be the days. But I figured I’d blog about tomorrow since I’m a little nervous and this helps get some of my “jitters” out. πŸ˜…

Only 535 days to go!!!


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5 thoughts on “Junior Year of College, and I’m DYING!!!

  1. YOU CAN DO IT!! I admit. When I was in college, I didn’t have kids. I took care of my parents though. That is almost as bad lol. You can do it. It will be hard… But if you have had good grades before, you need to hit that grindstone. Don’t forget to kiss that baby!

    1. Thank you!! πŸ’• Yeah, it’s rough, but doable! I won’t! Haha. ☺️

  2. Yes! You can do it. I believed in you, it’s not easy being a Mom and Student at the same time working at restaurant. So, despite of your condition, you are still happy a jolly girl..

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