FINDING BALANCE: College, Working, Being a Mom, AND Having a SOCIAL LIFE?

Long title, I know, but an important message!

Sometimes life can be really tough. ESPECIALLY when you have a lot of responsibilities. For me, this includes going to college five days a week, working at least 4 days a week, spending time with & caring for my daughter, & TRYING to find time to hang out with my friends & socialize.


How in the world can you balance all of these things?!?

I’m glad you asked. 😎

I’m going to try to give some advice based on my experiences the past year. ✌🏻



First, you need to realize that there will be days where you really cannot balance everything, so you will have to choose what to “sacrifice” for that day. Usually the easiest thing to rule out is social life. But your social life IS an important part of your life. We need human interaction. So still try to get at least some time in this area throughout the week.

Second, you need to organize your life & figure out what needs to be done & when. A planner will really help you do this! Once you have everything all laid out and see what free time you have, you need to decide what to do during this time: relax, have a “me” day, or (finally) have a day with friends/family. Whatever you decide just make sure you don’t overload yourself.

It is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the things you have going on. Trust me, I know. I get it. This kind of stuff spikes my anxiety & makes it even more difficult to accomplish even the simplest of  tasks sometimes. This can also cause A LOT of STRESS. Just remember to RELAX! (I have to remind myself of this ALL OF THE TIME.) This is a VERY important thing to do. If you don’t take some time to gather yourself and make sure your mental health is intact things could get bad.

Finally, if you can take some time away from work to be able to focus on your college work or on your child (if you have one), do it! I have had to do this. Of course, I couldn’t take many days off due to needing the money to pay for day care for MaKaiden, but the few shifts I have gotten off have IMMENSELY helped me to find balance. Just find some ways to get rid of “dead” time where you really aren’t doing anything… Maybe you sleep late every day… You could set your alarm an hour or two earlier giving yourself more time in the day to do the things you need.

It’s hard to give advice in this area because everyone’s situation is different & needs to be handled a little differently, but I hope the advice I gave helps someone! 💕

YOU CAN DO IT!!! ☺️💪🏻

What do you do to balance your life & responsibilities  Leave any advice below. I need help in this area sometimes, too. 😅


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5 thoughts on “FINDING BALANCE: College, Working, Being a Mom, AND Having a SOCIAL LIFE?

  1. This is very informative and helpful to those who are in difficult situation like you. Especially, you are woman. Things are different for man and woman. You are really doing a great job in the right direction… Keep the head up!

    That’s the best things you’ve ever made when you felt tired, just “RELAX” keep intact!

    And never forget to pray, “In God We Trust.”

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